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Ultrasound Machines

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Important features. Reconditioned system ready for shipment New skin design XP4 AEGIS Apex Invert B Mode CINE Color Doppler FETAL M MODEHIP CALC OB CALC PW Doppler Vasc Calc Probes included Abdominal Transducer & Vascular Transducer  (other transducers available for purchase or instead of t..

Acuson Aspen Advanced Cardiac Vascular Ultrasound Machine


Acuson Aspen Advanced Ultrasound Cardaic Vascular Excellent condition Guaranteed to perform to manufacturers specs. This sale is for the console box only. The probes are sold seperately. See below. This is a very reliable ultrasound and a perfect choice for a private practice, clinic, or technician who needs a reliable machine..

ACUSON CYPRESS C/V Cardiac and Vascular Portable Ultrasound Machine System


Acuson Cypress C/v Cardiac And Vascular Portable Ultrasound Machine System ACUSON CYPRESS ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY SONOGRAM ULTRASOUND SYSTEM EXCELLENT CONDITION! Software version 14.0   Cardiac AND Vascular system TWO TRANSDUCERS INCLUDED 3V2c CARDIAC TRANSDUCER 7L3 VASCULAR TRANSDUCER        Cypress High P..

Acuson Cypress Plus Portable Ultrasound Machine Ver 20


Providing complete cardiovascular care. The Cypress™ system PLUS delivers large system performance in a small system package. It is the only portable system with a complete range of cardiovascular capabilities: Adult and pediatric transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) Multiplane transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) Intracardiac echocar..

Acuson P50 Portable Ultrasound Machine


Acuson P50 Portable Ultrasound Machine - Cardiac, Vascular, Stress Echo, Color Doppler - NEW The Acuson P50 from Siemens has specially designed features that make it an awesome companion for a doctor. It comes with integrated echocardiography software and is designed for mobile applications in cardiology as well as vascular applications and use..

Acuson Sequoia 256 Cardiac Ultrasound Machine


This is a very reliable ultrasound and a perfect choice for a private practice, clinic, or technician who needs a reliable machine at an unbeatable price. Important features. Reconditioned system ready for shipment Cardiac Calculations Tissue Harmonics Color Doppler Color Angio B Color Pulsed Wave Doppler Color Wav..

Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound Machine


Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound Machine - Cardiac Vascular Stress Echo Cardiac and Vascular Stress Echo..

Acuson Sequoia 512 with flat screen OBGYN Package


Comes with Acuson EC-8C4 Transvaginal and Acuson 8C4 Abdominal Probes.The Acuson Sequoia has unparalleled imaging performance, greater image content, enhanced detail, superior contrast resolution & penetration, and excellent color Doppler sensitivity all with an easy to use console with comfortable ergonomics. Acuson Sequoia 51..

ATL Phillips HDI 4000 Ultrasound Machine


Applications: Vascular OB Abdominal Small Parts Perinatology Gynecology   The HDI 4000 system is a practical and affordable solution offering maximum clinical versatility and unmatched performance in 3D and 4D imaging.High Definition Digital Broadband Beamformer Cineloop THI - Tissue Harmonic Imaging 256 shades of gray 128 colors La..

Biosound MyLab 30 CV Ultrasound Machine


Biosound Esaote MyLab 30 CV Portable Ultrasound Machine The MyLab® 30 CV ultrasound system is an evolutionary step in ultrasound technology. Weighing less than 19 pounds, it is the first compact ultrasound system to deliver premium console performance. And with mobile, portable or stationary configurations, MyLab30 CV can adapt to any clin..

Edan U50 Prime Diagnostic Ultrasound System


Monitor: 12.1" LCD.Transducer Connectors: 2.Memory: 256 frames CINE loop.Image Storage: 504 MB (built-in).USB Ports: 2. The Edan U50 Prime Diagnostic Ultrasound System (#U50P) includes: Transducer of your choice (recommended standard: C352UB).(2) Fuses (#21.21.064172).Transducer Holder (#01.51.113140).Ultrasound Gel Holde..

GE Logiq 3 Ultrasound Machine


The GE LOGIQ 3 is an advanced ultrasound system suited for office professionals or environments that require a versatile scanner. The Logiq 3 is both compact and portable making it an excellent choice for use in OB/Gyn and General Physician Offices.Logiq 3 product Features:•    Comfort Scan Ergonomics•    S..

GE Logiq 5 Ultrasound Machine


The LOGIQ 5 is a mid premium multipurpose color imaging system with high level image quality, computational power and workflow flexibility. Exclusive Raw Data Digital acquisition and storage Color Doppler, Spectral Dopler, B, M, Triplex, 3-D 150+ Frames per Second TrueDigital imaging All digital video clip and still image capture (4,000) On-..



OB/GYN, Vascular & General Calculations Packages Coded Harmonics, Coded Excitation & Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) TrueScan & ComfortScan Architecture - Color Touch Screen B-Scan, B-Flow, Conventional & Anatomical M-Mode Color Doppler & Power Doppler Spectral Steered PW Doppler CrossXBeam, LOGIQworks, & Easy/Advanced/Tru 3..



Studies: Rad/Abdomen Obstetrics Gynecology Vascular Urology Small Parts..

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