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Stress Test EKGs

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GE Case 15 Stress Test EKG with Treadmill


Ge Case 15 Stress Test Ekg With Treadmill Complete system with all cables and wires. Metro NYC delivery $150. Call or email for shipping quote to other areas. Stressing better outcomes. Proven clinical excellence. Productivity-enhancing applications and features. Expanded networking options. The CASE v6.6 Cardiac Assessment System for E..

GE Case Stress System


Performance specifications: ECG analysis Frequency - 500 HzST measurements - ST amplitude, slope, integral, index, st/hr slope, st/hr index up to 15 leadsE, Jand post-J point - manual or computer selectedSignal processing - incremental median updating techniqueBaseline correction - Finite residual filter and/or cubic spline analysis.QRS detection ..

GE Marquette CASE 12 Complete Stress Test with Treadmill


Ge Marquette Case 12 Complete Stress Test With Treadmill This is a COMPLETE SYSTEM with all wires and cables. call or email for shipping quote. Metro NYC delivery for only $150 Interpretive Stress Test with Treadmill Combines proven stress testing performance with additional diagnostic capabilities Provides a wide variety of standard ECG..

GE Marquette Case 8000 Stress System w/ T2000 Treadmill


The CASE 8000 System for Exercise is one of the first, true point-of-care clinical information systems for the exercise environment. By combining the accuracy of their premiere exercise ECG system with the information accessibility of network connectivity, the CASE 8000 offers an advanced, integrated approach to high-efficiency, high-perfo..



Marquette Max-1 Stress Test system with Treadmill Stress test EKG systemIncludes a 30 day warranty Interpretive Stress Test with Treadmill Patient cables digitizes the signal at the patient, eliminating analog cable noise Contacts resist corrosion and ensure optimal signal quality Median update helps assure all measurements, including..

Quinton Q4500 Stress Test Machine


Quinton Q4500 Stress Test Machine Quinton stress test systems feature the internationally-acclaimed algorithm that is used by thousands worldwide. This algorithm has a proven record for reliability and accuracy in demanding clinical situations; and it's just one of several reasons why Quinton is a recognized market leader in the stress t..

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