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Pulse Oximeters

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Product Description: Datex Ohmeda 3900 Pulse OximeterThe Datex-Ohmeda 3900 Pulse Oximeter has an easy-to-use interface and intuitive feature set, as well as advanced TruTrak+ technology, a proprietary clinical motion algorithm, which identifies, quantifies and corrects patient motion. The 3900 also offers a unique data analysis feat..

GE Marquette ApexPro CH Telemetry Transmitter


ApexPro CH provides exceptional detection and analysis of patient data to help you fully and accurately monitor your patients’ status. • ApexPro CH uses the GE EK-Pro clinical algorithm, which processes and analyzes four independent, simultaneous ECG leads. Plus, an innovative Smart Leads Fail feature helps to reduce false ECG alar..

Nellcor N-1000/N-2500 N1000 CO2 SpO2 Patient Monitor


Nellcor N-1000/n-2500 N1000 Co2 Spo2 Patient Monitor Bid is for one used Nellcor N-1000/N-2500 Patient Monitor.Model: N-1000Serial Number: 1000-01091121Physical Condition: Unit is in fairly good physical condition with scratches, scuffs and markings. The display is nice and bright...

Nellcor OxiMax N-600 Pulse Oximeter


Nellcor OxiMax N-600 Pulse Oximeter The Nellcor N600 OxiMax pulse oximeter works with the complete family of OxiMax sensors, so you can more effectively monitor a wider range of patients. This full-featured oximeter also includes our SatSeconds alarm management benefit, reducing the sound of annoying alarms. The latest in digital signa..

Nellcor UltraCap N 6000 Patient Monitor With CO2


The UltraCap N 6000 monitors: Arterial hemoglobin Oxygen saturation levelsPulse amplitude and pulse rate.CO2 Features: Numeric display of SpO2Numeric display of pulse rateNumeric display of respiratory rateNon-invasive, continuous monitoringMicroprocessor-controlledReal-time display of plethysmographic and CO2 waveformsEasy OperationIntuitive co..

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